Tianyu Liu

Senior Researcher
rogertyliu (at) tencent (.) com

About Me

I am a senior researcher at Tencent Cloud Xiaowei (Beijing) working on Natural Language Processing. I earned my PhD degree at Peking University in 2021 where I was advised by Zhifang Sui and Baobao Chang. During my PhD, I had wonderful experiences interning at or visiting Microsoft Research (Beijing and Redmond) and Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago (TTIC).

Previously my research experiences cover Natural Language Generation (e.g. data-to-text, summarization, free-form text, stories), information extraction (e.g. relation extraction, knowledge base population) and robustness of NLP models. Recently, my research interests switch to the pretraining and deployment of big models (e.g. dialogue, code, cross-modal, over-100-billion-parameter models, prompt-based methods) and dialogue systems (especially multi-turn with long context).


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